Do I need an Assessment Lesson?

That's correct, it's part of our Health and Safety policy to main a high level of safety. A new customer will arrive, complete a Rider Registration Form, there's a section asking them to declare their previous riding experience. Depending on their answers, they will either have an Introduction Lesson (for someone who's never ridden a horse) or an Assessment (if they are certain they can Walk, Trot and Canter or beyond), which can take place a few different ways. This will verify the rider meets our minimum Hacking standard (proficient Walk, Trot and Canter, ideally being able to do the first 2 gaits/movements without the riders feet in the stirrups showing balance and control).

If a new customer has owned their own horse at some point, or has ridden regularly for years, then a brief assessment might be offered (it's very obvious if someone can ride to our minimum requirements), it's only takes about 5 minutes, so can be done before a Hack, but this must take place in our Indoor School. Alternatively, we sometimes offer customers of this level the opportunity to be Assessed in a Group Lesson format, but the customer must meet our minimum requirements as stated in the paragraph above.

Unfortunately if someone does fail the Assessment, they will be unable to join the Hack, as they will be putting themselves and potentially other riders (and the horses) at risk. If there is availability, we will offer them an Alternative (such as Private Lesson), but it's not always possible as they take place in our Indoor School, which will probably have a booking already. For this reason, the customer should be confident they meet our minimum requirements for Hacking before participating in a brief Assessment.

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