Can anyone Hack out?

Anyone can hack, but they must be able to ride to a safe standard. We require that every new client take an Assessment/Introduction Lesson in our Indoor School first, and have filled out a Rider Registration Form stating their ability level, and we'll ask you to demonstrate that level through various exercises.

There is more detailed information on our website located here:

* http://www.chestnuts-riding-school.co.uk/information/hacking
* http://www.chestnuts-riding-school.co.uk/information/assessment-introduc...

As for bookings. 90% of our clients book and pay monthly in advance, all bookings require pre-payment, unless they are initiated 24 hours before the scheduled ride.


Our Terms and Conditions are available here (They have yet to be updated fully, although most apply still.):


If you wish to learn to ride with your daughter, you would have to book Private Lessons separately until you can both Walk and Trot, then you could continue learning in a Semi-Private (2 riders) format until you can Walk, Trot and Canter to a fair level.
Once you can do that, you're able to go Hacking with no restrictions. On average is takes 15-20 lessons, although it's totally down to the rider, everyone is different and we teach everyone at their own pace.

This summer we're planning to offer walk only Trekking, every horse will have a Western Saddle with a Pommel which increases a beginners safety significantly. This eliminates the hurdles new clients have to go through who, just want to go for a quiet ride out on the South Downs.

I used to have lessons just over 3 years ago for a year. I haven't had a lesson since although I remember how to walk, trot and canter. Can I still go hacking?

I'm afraid anything over a year you'll need to be re-assessed to verify your level.

Which days of the Week do you offer hacking?

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Closed (by Appointment only)
  • Wednesday: All Day
  • Thursday: All Day
  • Friday: All Day
  • Saturday: Mornings (PM reserved for loaners) + Afternoons Special
  • Sunday: Mornings (PM reserved for loaners) + Afternoons Special

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